Life Opportunities and Fair Distribution

A self-regulating mar­ket splits society into an eco­no­mic and poli­ti­cal sphere. Instead of fair burden-sharing and redis­tri­bu­tion of wealth, free mar­ket fun­da­men­ta­lism des­troys com­mu­nity cohe­sion and crea­tes divi­si­ons in society. Today, a strong public sec­tor is necessary, espe­cially in fields of Education, health care and social secu­rity. Today, it’s time to stop the redis­tri­bu­tion of wealth to the upper clas­ses. Today, it’s time to extend democracy.

  • Michael Hartmann, Technical University Darmstadt,
  • Gustav Horn, IMK of the Hans-Böckler Foundation,
  • Jürgen Kädtler, SOFI Göttingen,
  • Helga Schwitzer, IG Metall exe­cu­tive committee,
  • Noel Whiteside, University of Warwick