Sustainable Restructuring of Industry

It’s necessary to sta­bi­lize green­house gas con­cen­tra­ti­ons in the atmo­s­phere to prevent dan­ge­rous anthro­po­ge­nic inter­fe­ren­ces with the cli­mate sys­tem. To achieve this goal, it is essen­tial to dis­cuss dif­fe­rent con­cepts of green eco­nomy. Economy has to be con­side­red as a com­po­nent of the eco­sys­tem in which it resides.

  • Kathryn Harrison, University of British Columbia,
  • Kurt Hübner, University of British Columbia,
  • Carlo C. Jaeger, Global Climate Forum,
  • Gensou Jia, Chinese Academy of Science
  • Jürgen Kerner, IG Metall exe­cu­tive committee