Future of Mobility: Future of the Transport Industry

Economic growth has always been depen­dent on incre­a­sing the capa­city of trans­port. In light of new trans­port sys­tems and emis­sion reduc­tion plans, we have to expect enor­mous chal­len­ges for trans­port indus­try (e.g. auto­ma­kers and supplier firms, ship­buil­ding, air­craft indus­try as well as rail­way supply indus­tries). Mobility is a glo­bal chal­lenge. – Which approa­ches do alre­ady exist? Which oppor­tu­nities do arise through sustainability?

  • Klaus Beckmann, Difu Berlin,
  • Willi Dienstbier, Works Councillor MAN,
  • Thomas Gelder, Chairman Works Council Meyer-Shipyard,
  • Johannes Hauber, Chairman European Works Council Bombardier,
  • Jürgen Kerner IG Metall exe­cu­tive committee,
  • Jürgen Leohold, R&D VW,
  • Rüdiger Lütjen, Chairman European Works Council EADS,
  • Klaus Mittermaier, Works Councillor Audi